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Thread: A mixed bag over HPR's

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    A mixed bag over HPR's

    Just a quick write up, as I spent a very enjoyable day shooting over a fellow members HPR's on Friday, a cracking day which started with a woodcock and duck flight, resulting in a drake mallard, not a bad start to the day.....
    next up were a brace of squirrels who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.....
    a bit later on I winged a woodcock which then got back in the air and was taken by my host, and shortly after that I downed species number 4 for the day, a hen pheasant.
    A tricky walk over some very boggy marsh saw a plethora of snipe rise, most well out of range for the guns unfortunately, but on our second pass of the bog, returning to our starting point, without warning a snipe got up and crossed fast from right to left. Instinct took over and it was downed with the first barrel......I was made up, my first ever snipe!
    a breather for lunch and then back out, and within minutes we flushed 2 woodcock, the second of which fell to my gun, brilliant! closely followed by a hen pheasant which got up from just at my feet.....this as turning into quite a decent bag for 2 guns working unstocked wild ground.
    between us by the end of the day we had 4 woodcock, a brace of snipe, a mallard, two pheasants and 2 squirrels....... And we'd worked our socks off for them all.
    i slept well that night.
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    Those are the best days .Well done

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    This is the best way to shoot game. Driven days are more social but with a rough shoot its what you may get. If i had the choice i would go on a rough shoot any day.

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    That's fantastic, I would love to do that. I must try and sort something like that out for my friends and I next season. Driven shooting is fun but it just doesn't feel right.

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    Sounds like a grand day out, I hope to have a few similar days when I finish work for Christmas next week!

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    Lets get the type of HPR's named- Large Munsterlanders!!

    Was thoroughly enjoyable sport, always enjoy working my dogs like this, as they should be, and a proper mixed bag taken that we worked for.

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    Give me that over a 200 bird driven day every time, sounded a guid day, nice dog work and a mixed bag disnae get any better


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    Quote Originally Posted by moose View Post
    Give me that over a 200 bird driven day every time, sounded a guid day, nice dog work and a mixed bag disnae get any better

    Massive +1

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    It doesn't get any better, it beats driven game anyday. You earnt your bag, I bet it feels rewarding.

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    Thumbs up

    Great stuff. sounds like some ripper dogs.

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