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Thread: Nice munty

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    Nice munty

    Asked to clear deer this was the first to go!!
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    very nice mate...getting it mounted?

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    If their all that good you will need a lot of wall space ....Well done mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by chinky View Post
    Asked to clear deer this was the first to go!!

    That is a belter. Really nice hooks and nice long brow tines.

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    Well done Chinkey.
    That's one of the finest Munty Heads I've seen on here for a good while, well worth having mounted!

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    Thanks all, been for a look again last light two chinks shot off into cover when I last looked there was a massive gold chink for sure.
    Will have head mounted for sure don't no how they are measured they are 120mm long each side 140 apart and brough tines are 20mm any advise fella's


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    Nice muntie, got to be a medal class, well done.

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    Just measured it roughly as cci sheet described came up as 64.4 points
    so hope it is gold medal to join his mateClick image for larger version. 

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    Is that an Australian Water Deer?

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