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Thread: Car/estate/van.

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    Looking for a vehicle to keep the miles low on my Defender. Must do 30+mpg and be able to carry 3 Chesapeakes. 5,000 max.
    I'm flexible but not after any rubbish..

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    Why bother ?

    Defenders with 8 million miles on them are still worth 250,000 pounds to some lunatic somewhere.

    Not worth worrying about in my opinion.

    Theres a 1/4 million miler on here just now for the thick end of 7k !! ffs. and he`ll get it as well, so I shouldn`t worry too much about a van.

    Just my tuppenceworth likes

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    I'm looking for a bit of comfort and economy and ability to go more than 50 miles without an overnight stay. All of which the great British Icon is not famous for.

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    Great British Icon = Dinosaur maybe??? - best kept in a museum maybe??

    RD look for an old Merc estate - lots of them about & some have a diff lock to get you off the grass.


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    Yip, my local publican bought a Mercedes E class diesel and it has a bigger overhang than JLo.
    As for Defenders they are the best tool for the job but refinement is not a standard feature?

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    I'd consider a Volvo V70, plenty space, reasonable refinement. I get 40-47mpg on my 8 year old 133K one.

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    Vans are to be avoided I think as they have to "work" for a living and get thrashed all the time.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Road tax on vans is stupid expensive! - I was going to get a small one but it just wasn't worth it as I can't claim it against a company tax bill. - Ok for those in business.


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    i run a passat estate 130 to do the miles the 110 defender is for towing & shooting only, stalking trips in the vw give me 56mpg to perth from st asaph better than 24 for the 110

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    Red Dot did I ask you for directions to a bit of ground just out side of Stirling the other day by any chance .You where in a Defender in Aldi's car park

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