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Thread: stalking companion / butcher

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    stalking companion / butcher

    hello one and all,

    my names James and I'm a 19 year old from east sussex, i live in hailsham but parents live in uckfield so somewhere around these areas would be a bonus! and am interested in getting into stalking,

    i have got my FAC and SGC and DSC1 and basically just want to try get out shooting as much as i can as i do not have a huge amount of land and none with deer on

    im a qualified gamekeeper and butcher and would be more than happy to help out with any tasks around the permissions as a thank you for taking me out and helping me get out and about. either that or i can quite happily butcher your deer or help teach you different ways to butcher as a thank you, making sausages and burgers alike,

    basically i just want to try and get out as much as i can and trade my skills with yours, i'd be grateful, even for a nights lamping or siting up one night waiting its just nice to get out.

    i have a .22LR and a .308 win and am looking to get a .243 soon so please don't hesitate to get in touch

    best regards James

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    good skills have a bump ,
    maybe offer free fox/bunys for deer
    sorry none to offer i have to buy mine now

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    Sounds like a good trade to me. Hopefully someone will help you out.

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    You'd be lucky, fortunately over the last 7 years since I got my licence I've met a few tidy folk but only ever had 2 guys offer and take me out as I was learning.

    1 was a mate of a mate who helped me and mentored me and the other was a top bloke off here who turned out to live down the road.

    Unfortunately due to people going back without the person who took them, approaching landowners for permission and even buying shooting on farms people take them on, most are very skeptical or won't take the chance.

    Shame really as similarly it's been difficult myself to learn and get out over the years!

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