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Thread: Fc stalking in shropshire

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    Fc stalking in shropshire

    Hi All
    Just spotted this in a local paper if anyones interested??

    Cheers Wayne

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    Phew! 198ha of forestry in Shropshire. Kerr-ching!!! That will be real earner for the FC, I would imagine.

    I notice that the same area is also to be let for game shooting which suggests a distinct possibility of cans of worms all round unless both tenders are won by the same party.

    Wayne, do you have any idea what sort of price they would be looking for?
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    No Sorry, dont know anything about it.

    Just spotted it in the paper an thought someone might be interested.


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    Ok, thanks for that, no worries. I reckon there will be quite a few making that call!
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    Its in this weeks shooting times as well

    ATB Steve

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    I know that ground quite well as a mate used to live on the edge of it - there should be a reasonable Roe population in that area but they tend to get hit very hard on all of the surrounding ground. The Fallow are transient as the main population is further over in the Mortimer Forest (which is mostly DI controlled via a longstanding local DM Group). Roe heads tend not to be much cop around here as the soil is very acid, so calcium is in short supply. Beautiful part of the world.

    It's a funny old area though - as A E Houseman said in A Shropshire Lad, "Clunbury, Clunton, Clungunford and Clun; the loneliest places under the sun". When I was a Social Worker in that area about 10-12 years ago, it was still pretty common even then for people not be connected to mains electricity (or any other mains services) up there and to meet people who had never been further than Shrewsbury or Montgomery in their lives. I had a spinal-injury client who lived in a woodpile on the back of the Black Hill - it had once been an broken down caravan, next to a wood pile, but over time the two sort of merged together and the log pile became the dominant feature...

    I'd be interested to know the going rate for these kinds of packages of land, just for future reference when I'm feeling flush - I suspect the FC are looking for bit more than the proverbial 1 an acre.


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    Hi guys i'v just got the lease details for the stalking and all the sporting so i will be making a call to find out what the crack is ,I suspect the ground will have been hit very hard you don't often see english fc stalking up for grabs

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    I'm in a pheasant syndicate that borders Clun and the guy that runs it has lots of lamping in the area. I couldn't prove it but i suspect that any deer unfortunate enough to get seen in the lamp is history.
    It's beautifull country and only about 20 mins down the road from me but believe me it's a different world.
    There is deffinately Roe around Clun though as one of the lads that works for me took a photo of a doe with kids in the last field on the right as you leave clun. 11:30 on a Saturday.
    I might even give them a bell myself tomorrow.

    Cheers Wayne, Ezzy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amberdog View Post
    ,I suspect the ground will have been hit very hard you don't often see english fc stalking up for grabs
    i know for a fact it has
    worse still there are no plans to change the plan of action from what i was told
    just looking over the details myself and as far as i can see it's the wrong end of the forest , yes deer on it but not the number you would expect to see and shoot for the price you will need to bid

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    I phoned for more information on the ground the cull return shows 14 roe and no fallow that does not mean none where culled just not in the paperwork to hand,felling is planned this year and may take until september to finish. So all in all with a the sporting rights been let out to tennder as well you realy need both with such a small area,increased public pressure and felling I would say lets pay top doller and roll over.not what im looking for

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