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Thread: anschutz 1517 t/h hmr

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    anschutz 1517 t/h hmr

    Anschutz 1517 .17 hmr thumbhole stock 18" barrel
    Very very good condition
    Hardly used with less than 200 rounds down it
    Well looked after and loves hornandy 17 gn
    Rifle and sak mod 575
    Or with Philippines Bushnell legend scope and mounts 675
    Only for sale as getting very little use
    Can send pics to email
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    Could you post pics of the rifle or send them to my email. Unable to send PM due to newbie status. Thanks

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    Il see if someone will put them up for me mate , will try get it done tonight

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    Thanks to teyhan Pics are now up in the "off topic section " under pictures

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    Open to offers on this lovely little gun before I advertise it elsewhere

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    Yes, I'm very interested. Would you accept 625 with scope? I'm down south so would need to send to RFD. How do I send a PM to you re this rifle?

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    I think you need a certain amount of posts before you can send a pm , il try send you one with my number the now

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    Pm sent with number hopefully you've got it
    Cheers Allan

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    PM received. Sale agreed. Sent you an email with contact details. Thanks

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