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Thread: A bad day if your a fox

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    A bad day if your a fox

    Well out this morning again and busy trying to find a yearling doe or two to cull.
    We were watching two pricket bucks when this emerged from the wood

    Well after this shot they moved into cover so we skirted around the wood where I spied a deer about 1/4 of a mile away so we went to the truck to get a closer look.
    we stalked into where I'd seen the 1 and this is what we found.
    They were very excited and chasing one another around.
    they were soon out of range a shame as 1 small doe had allibarbas feet.
    back for her tomorrow.

    We moved into another area and soon were into 4 which did the same chased each other around and off out of sight.

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    blimey john only just got the rifle back in the cabinet and havnt even had a cup of tea and youve posted the clips ,i was going to ask you to send me them but you beat me to it.what an exellent mornings stalking charlie never saw that 270 coming.nice to see the deer getting frisky and moving around i loved the last stalk through the wood to get within 30yrds and have them slip away was amazing i cant wait till next time,wayne.

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    That was a great shot mate and with your new rifle too. what a way to christen it.
    its now here for all to see.
    regards john.

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    nice shot i have just got back from norfolk after 5nights fox shooting got some nice long shots one at 360yards with the 243 and 80g soft points and cleared up a few trublesom ones told you id get them geoof thanks for puting me up mate had a good time see you up hear soon all the best rob

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    In that situation and because its the way I like to do it and it works for me, i like to stop the fox
    That is to give a very very short whistle just loud enough for the fox to hear, if that fails shout Hey so that he can just to say here it.(dont squeak)
    Because they live on there wits, but are inquisative at the same time, they will stop (for several seconds) and try to work out what made the noise and where it came from.
    They will stand for a few seconds long enough to get a shot off
    If you dont manage the shot, it will more than likely go another 30 yards and stop to listen again (dont make another noise once the fox has heard you)
    nice video
    well done

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    thanks for the reply's john did ask if i wanted him stopping with a call but he was at a nice pace to follow,if he was any quicker i would stop them but i would have to give a shout as the only whistle i can do is with both fingers and i would definately miss if i tried that all the best,wayne

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