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Thread: Stainless steel larder cradles

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    Stainless steel larder cradles

    Anyone got any views on the Bushware or Stalkers u.k. skinning cradles or any others that may be available, any info please, thanks W.S.
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    Jelen deer were selling some that they had made, I've used one and they are a good bit of kit at a fraction of the cost of the bushwear ones. Whilst they are not stainless they are galvanised and clean with water and a rub.

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    Can you use galvanised? If you are dealing with food that will go to consumers then I thought it would need to be stainless steel.

    im presuming it is not all for personal consumption.
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    The bushwear stool looks sturdy enough as I've seen it in the shop. Basically I skin my deer hanging up as seen on my video at top of the page it makes a more cleaner and hygienic job . If I do the big reds then I use my sheep stool to side them out then hang and back them off. Hope this is any help to you

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    If only for roe or smaller species .... O have done younger red tho

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    Mine now has the top replaced with like for like shape size but made from a big fibrox butchers board.
    If find you can have the gap adjusted so the beast on it's back but won't roll off & is steady , alluring you to work down each side then re-hang & remove the skin .

    Obviously not professional , for personal use & kept clean


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    As far as I'm aware there is nothing in food hygiene legislation that states these must be stainless steel. S/S is undoubtedly preferred. What is essential being able to clean and disinfect all equipment can you do this with galvanised metal? Similarly coating materials must not flake off and contaminate foodstuffs.
    If you are NOT SELLING the meat to the public the requirements of food hygiene/safety legislation do not apply.

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    +1 on the modified workmate or chepo versions...mine has hygene grade stailess top jaws and drip tray....does the job just fine...<25 why spend more!
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