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Thread: Isuzu D-Max or Toyata Hilux?

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    Isuzu D-Max or Toyata Hilux?

    People choice and reason for or against please.
    I'm leaning towards getting a D max but still a little unsure.
    Has anyone had any major problems with either of them?


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    My mate has a D-Max Yukon its a year or so old and has had no major issues its very comfy, pulls fairly, well good off road and the heated seats are like lava just what you need after a cold morning stalk!! Issues wise the seat belt warning system is mega loud and irritating for all parties involved if your moving truck across field without belts on, he had a small oil weep and slightly juddering brakes all sorted under warranty.

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    have a ranger wild track but would go D-max

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    wont go far wrong with either motor ,i have the d max and mate has Hilux and cant fault them

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    Had my Dmax Utah a couple of months its great

    from what Ive seen you wont have much problem with either choice so have test in both and pick the one you like or best deal on the day or has the SHiny bits you want .

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    Had Hilux for 14 months from new went invincible leather seats etc as easier to clean went to this from a RR vogue 4.4 expecting it to be a big let down but am v pleased Way more practical Not quite as slow as was expecting all the gizmos you really need rather than want except 2 things no heated front windscreen (living with scraping and using the super heater button for first few MINS) AND NO HEATED SEATS AS ANY OPTION - OK IN STALKING KIT BUT A BIT NIPPY IN MORNINGS in my suit going to station. Excellent offroad had it in couple of sticky hill moments but low ratio swith of traction and plenty right foot and its fine Ride a bit bouncy when no load - but I guess all pick ups do that MPG nowhere near book I am averaging 25 Went on balance for Toyota bullet proofness and the after service reputation which has been excellent for me Also first car I have ever had after several RR and LR where nothing rattles or squeaks, everything fits Its a great industrial strength monster Also make sure you use the BASC deal 15% off

    good luck

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    also btw make sure you can get the offroad tyres you want in the size you need them if you go hilux and invincible then Goodrich wont fit - you have to have grabber which work fine

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    Evening all

    I tried both Toyota and Isuzu and went for the Utah 18 months ago, 18000 trouble free miles and when driven on long journeys with GG AT2 tyres still get 34 to 36 mpg. To and from work 5 miles each way its down to 28. Isuzu pulls 3.5 tonnes and more . Also you can stop the seat beeper by unplugging the sensor under each seat, I've heard .

    Hilux is good, but for me I needed to tow diggers and tipping trailer and Hilux wasn't rated high enough. The icing on the cake for me was the 5 year / 125,000 mile warranty


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    Well I think the D Max has just swung that one then. I'd be happy with a Hilux but personally I prefer the shape and the interior of the D max. I'm looking at he Blade model. Leather interior, looks great. In manual they say it'll do 38mpg, hmmmmmm.
    Like you say NickyA, the 5 year warranty is fantastic. I drove a D Max the other day, went nicely, not too loud. Going to try a Hilux tomorrow.
    Will Keep you updated. Thanks all for your input, much appreciated.

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    I have a D-Max Utah, 450 mile days are a piece of cake. Comfort, quiet on BFG AT's, 3.5 tonne tow only matched by Ranger, seats like armchairs, driven quite hard with a lot of full 3.5 tonne stock box towing it's averaging 26mpg. Seat belt alarm silenced by spare seatbelt clip salvaged from a scrap car for off road. I've had the well documented fuel filter issues but new ones are now sorted. Isuzu U.K public relations guys are very good at sorting issues with awkward dealers. Until I have another 20k to spend on a Disco I am more than happy with the D-Max.
    At work I drive a Toyota, MItsubishi and an old Rodeo. I don't like any of them and they do far less M.P.G on like for like jobs.

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