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Thread: Greetings from East Sussex.

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    Greetings from East Sussex.

    Hello everyone,

    I'm an experienced target shooter but have always been interested in deer stalking, so took the plunge last autumn and booked some professional training and guided stalking.

    IanF gave me a great introduction, and stalked me onto my first deer, a juvenile fallow.

    I've since returned for a couple of days fallow and boar culling, learned a lot more, and decided this is something I really want to do.

    Realising my lack of knowledge I signed up for the BDS DSC1 course at Wadhurst Park last week, and was very pleased to pass.

    I've only used an estate rifle so far, but will be applying for a deer condition. I'll probably need a dedicated deer rifle rather than compromise by trying to share a target rifle. Considering .308 or 30-06, in confident anticipation of huge lowland red, sika and boar

    I'm not particularly after trophies, and plan to keep as much venison as family and friends can eat.

    I am fortunate to have a partner who is very keen on wild meat and cookery and who has previously butchered her own lamb.

    After Ian had demonstrated skinning and the broken it down into the major joints she got stuck into my first deer, and broke it down into joints and cuts. Dinner guests have enjoyed it, and we've developed several good sausage recipes.

    I'm based in East Sussex (Hastings) but also spend a lot of time in North Norfolk and Northumberland (Newcastle upon Tyne). If anybody would be prepared to take me out to continue my education and re-fill the freezer I'd be very grateful.

    Bye for now,

    Sharpie (Jon)

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    Hi John

    Welcome to SD
    Im just up the road good to see another e sussex member

    ATB Steve

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    Welcome aboard Jon,
    I also live in Hastings, may be able to sort something out for you in the not to distant future.
    Bye the way Curlew has arranged a meet up this monday,
    The Bull Inn, Bull Hill, A28 Bethersden. TN 26 3 LB.
    A few of us are hoping to be there , maybe you too? 7.30 'ish

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    Thank you both for the welcome.

    Robin, I will try to make it to the meet-up.



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