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Thread: Recomend a .308

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    Recomend a .308

    Hi all I am in the market for a .308 head bursting looking at the internet and some horror stories about certain makes of rifle . This rifle wood be for stalking and I have no preconceived ideas ie wooden or synthetic stock ,blued or stainless barrel . the rifle I use at the moment is a remmington 700 blued barrel synthetic stock.
    Looking for peoples experience with various makes etc.
    PS fancy a nice new one.

    Thanks in advance Hoolit

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    This might be an option. I've heard that they're made by Howa.

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    my choice is Sako 85/75 or Tika light

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    I have Sako 85 stainless barrel with synthetic stock, I've been really pleased with it

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    I recently traded up to a Merkel Helix Explorer (2 months ago) and am really pleased with the performance so far - the straight pull is fantastic (not to everyone's liking I know) but nice and quick for the follow up. Barrel in and out = spot on repeatability with the accuracy which has now set my mind to get a further 30-06 barrel for the larger stuff in the future - oh, and the bolt face just pops in your pocket when you're travelling which is a nice change.
    i know they're expensive and I've gone all out on the setup (+ swarovski z4i on the top) but instead of fiddling and bettering now I can just concentrate on improving my skills - all imho.....

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    Sako 75 stainless synthetic........or,theres a Sako 85 Finnlight package for sale on here....that would be my choice after a 75

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    When you’ve decided and are ready to top it off with a nice scope I’ll happily pronounce on the correct and only rings & mounts to purchase.


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