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Thread: Thank you for Good Service

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    Thank you for Good Service


    It is only right and proper to say thank you for good service - in my case to James (aka Jager-SA).
    I arranged to meet James on Sunday (yes Sunday) to collect items that he had Cerakoted.

    The items (10/22 barrel with rear sight rebate hidden, 10/22 action, 2x moderators) came out superb - indeed better than I had imagined!

    For a one person operation James did very well with my communications, especially when he has to do the admin side (field telephone calls, emails etc.) as well as the workshop side and reconcile matters such as deliveries etc. that are not entirely in his control, and with the myriad of others things going on for him at this time, and for a very good price.

    So a big thumbs up and Thank You to James - I have no hesitation in recommending him.


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    Always nice to see someone getting the recognition they deserve. Good service always needs rewarding

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