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    Fella gets pulled over by a traffic cop for speeding..........

    'Can I see your driving license, Sir?'

    'Sorry Officer, I don't have one'

    'I take it you have no insurance either?'

    'Nope. In fact, the car's stolen, I'm an escaped prisoner, and the body of the owner is tied up in the boot'

    Traffic cop's immediately on the net & within minutes the scene's surrounded by police cars, helicopters, snarling German Shepherds, the lot..............

    The guy's cuffed & the Inspector quizzes him 'My officer says you don't have a driving license or insurance?'

    'In my back pocket, Inspector'

    'And the car's stolen?'

    'No sir, registration details are in the glove box..........'

    'And what's this I hear about you being an escaped prisoner? And a body in the boot?'

    'For chrissake!', the guy replies, 'I bet the lying fecker told you I was speeding, too?'

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