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Thread: ase jet z

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    ase jet z

    hi lads my t8 has rusted out so after another sound mod what are your views on the ase jet z compact its going on a 7mm rem mag thanks rob

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    Got two, like them lots.
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    Excellent moderators.
    I run a couple, including one on a .300. It will be fine on a 7mm Rem Mag.

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    Had mine for years, can't fault it, still as good as the day I bought it.

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    Im sure you'll be happy with it they are very good from experience and the SL5

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    Very happy with my CQB.

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    Very happy with them

    Jet z cqb

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    ok lads hooked thanks hope its 320 well spent just got one on order happy crimbo rob

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    Quote Originally Posted by wraith View Post
    ok lads hooked thanks hope its 320 well spent just got one on order happy crimbo rob

    The design of these is for Military/Police use and so not restricted on the cost of manufacture.
    The Hunters among us find better use for them
    Spent many a time talking with the Company owner at Defence Trade Shows to know that performance is what matters.
    These are light weight and robust products that need no disassembly and cleaning. Just read the manual.


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    My mate rates his highly,I have the Ultra and would recommend that.

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