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Thread: Advice needed - bringing a gifted rifle into the UK from South Africa

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    Advice needed - bringing a gifted rifle into the UK from South Africa

    Evening all,

    Need some advice please.
    I have been given a rifle, a .300 Holland & Holland (bolt action), by my elderly father in South Africa. I am going over in May 2015 for a weeks hunting and was looking to bring it back with me. Not quiet sure how I will sort out the transfer in South Africa with the SA Police but will somehow. I have a slot for a open slot for a 300 win mag and will speak to the police and see about a one for one variation to a 300 H&H but I am not sure on the import tax situation or import license requirements bring a rifle in from South Africa. If the rifle is a gift or "early inheritance" what do I need to do to get the rifle back into the UK with me ?


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    Hiya Stephen
    I'm sure more informed people will be along shortly - my understanding:
    1.If your UK FAC says .300WM then you will need to have this varied (should be a 1 for 1) before going out - would be unusual as I have only had .30 stated on mine (admittedly a few years) in the past so covers the range available....
    2.If FAC says .30 then just bring it in and declare it at Customs this side by showing you have necessary authority to possess (licensed) and then inform your local Police Service within 7days as you would do if purchasing here.
    3.Not a new rifle so should not be any Customs/VAT implications - a letter to effect 'gift/inheritance' from Father provides evidence should need arise.

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    Very nice Stephen - sorry not to catch up with you last week. I'm with Loki on this - FAC is authority to possess - and then just notify. Getting ammo might be something different of course.....!! Make sure you have the right travel kit for it - let me know if you need to borrow a Peli.....
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    Thanks for the info.

    I have emailed my FEO but don't see any issue with a one for one as they where happy to issue a 300 win mag.

    The interesting part with this is now dealing with the Police in South Africa, o my lord they are a different kettle of fish to when I served 15 years ago!!The South African gun laws are another issue!!

    Simon - yes sorry we didn't catch up. Will give you a call this week.

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    I didn't think there were any gun laws over there, they all seem to just wave them in the air in the back of a pick up truck !
    To be honest, it gave me the impression gun laws were very relaxed over there ............... No???

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    Might be worth having a word with holts auctioneers - they have representatives in South Africa who are scouting for and sending across rifles from RSA all the time. Also have a chat with Dig Haddoke at Vintage Guns, or Ronald Wharton - they are doing this all the time, and know the procedures.

    Or or just speak to Holland & Holland:- they will be well versed in bringing guns back for repair etc.

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    Thanks Heym, why did I not think of that!! Will stop in at the Holland and Holland shop tomorrow.

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    You do not need an import licence for private (non commercial) imports. Here's what you do:

    1. Get your FAC amended to read .300H&H.
    2. Arrange for your journey etc.
    3. You don't have to, but when I have done this, I let Custom know in advance what I am doing and the date/time of my arrival flight. They really appreciate this.
    4. Upon arrival at the UK airport, your rifle should go straight to the Customs, so you go into the red lane and it will either be obviously sitting on a bench in fron of a Customs officer, but I have had them end up on the carousel.
    5. You produce your FAC on which your father has made an entry (if he doesn't or can't, you do it); you pay your import duty (I paid 6% on the rifles value) and VAT.
    6. Formalities completed, you go merrily on your way, grinning broadly.
    7. When you get home, you send an email to the police who issued your FAC notifying them of your acquisition. In this case, they do not need to know the details of the person from whom you acquired the rifle, it is sufficient to state that you imported it from SA and the date of import. But you can tell them anyway.
    8. You relax and admire your acquisition.


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