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    Google Earth

    If you're a bit sad but nosey look at this grid ref in Google earth.

    LAT 5355'42.62"N

    LONG 223'47.68"W

    I dont think that's a bird hide do you?

    ps if that's somebody's ground can I come and have a go


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    You must be bored.. but i looked, they have either chopped all them tree's down since the pic was taken or it was took in a diff place

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    was it this one ?Click image for larger version. 

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    A useful feature of GE that Offroad Gary alerted me to is the ruler. Find your ground on GE, clicker ruler, put point A where animal was hit, point B where you shot from - hey presto! - confirmation of your shot distance in yards, metres or whatever you wish. I've used it to measure accurately the distance between the major woodlands blocks on my ground and am now able to estimate ranges faster and with more confidence when faced with the opportunity of a shot.

    Thank you Gary!
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    Kev, a GPS will do the same thing and is with you so you know exactly how long that long shot was!

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    Geovids do it precisely!!!!

    That aside is v usefull on a new bit of ground, but once, pre Geovids I did do it to confirm a 300yd shot on a basil.


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