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Thread: Swingblade questions

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    Swingblade questions

    Anyone got a swingblade (eka) and able to answer a couple of questions?
    1) is the swingblade scandi grind?
    2) the knife blade looks a bit wide, is it ok for doing around the anal passage of our smaller deer species?

    i currently use a mora which does me fine, but like the idea of a combined tool rather than carrying a seperate gut hook as I do now.

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    I had one and sold it, jack of some trades master of none, if I were you I'd stick with what you have personally, they are quite a deep blade for Munty and roe arses too.
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    I use a swing blade all the time for fallow, roe and muntjac with no problem. I have a spare you can borrow if you wanted to give it a try Mike

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    I had one and sold it. I found the blade too short for cutting round the arses of reds. Went back to the tried and tested Mora.

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