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Thread: sauer v blaser v accuracy

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    sauer v blaser v accuracy

    Hi this may start a war but here goes
    Sauer v Blaser which is more accurate out of the box and we are talking like for like caliber and a standard hunting format not target bias this is about a stalking rifle.ammo is the same homeload in both and factory in both.there is no set caliber but it must be the same in both rifles to be a fair shoot out.

    Yours Nigdonn

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    I had a sauer in 25 06, very accurate, never ventured to the darkside

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    I doubt you could separate the brands. I use a Sauer and like it - not just because of its accuracy (which is great), but because of its build quality, handling yada yada yada. I would probably like the Blaser too as they are a well engineered piece of kit whether one is a fan of the design or not. But overall accuracy? I expect you would have to be a hell of a shot to separate the two.

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    The bit that I feel matters is weight and my sauer is lighter than a Blaser. I like my guns to be accurate and was told that neck sizing ammo for a Blaser is a no no .So my take on it is Sauer are just that we bit better for deer stalkers.

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    The barrels for both sauer and blazer are made in the same both should be as accurate as each other really


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    I'm given to understand that as Sauer is owned by Blaser and Blaser have been supplied Sauer barrels for some of the rifles Blaser produce, it would be hard to separate the two brands in respect of accuracy. But hey, they don't shoot themselves so the nut behind the butt probably has the final say. ATB
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    I should add that I own a sauer and it will put bullet on bullet as long as I do my bit, I have shot an R8 and find the straight pull a bit jerky, but I have also heard if you don't push it closed properly you get a failure to fire.

    the sauer bolt can be opened and closed silently, as can the safety and I think you'd struggle to find a better trigger (although the blaser is most likely on par in the trigger department)

    the downside of the sauer for me is that you need to drill and fit a sling stud if you want a bipod and that the stocks and barrels are so expensive if you want an additional one its not always cost effective.

    they are beautifully engineered though and I can never see myself selling the one I have.


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    Having had both a blaser R93 pro and now a sauer 202 both in .270, with the right bullet both are equal, however I do sometimes get with the sauer 2 rounds close together and 1 a little off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    I like my guns to be accurate and was told that neck sizing ammo for a Blaser is a no no
    Yeah, everyone hears that and it's balderdash.

    I've been neck sizing for my Blaser for maybe 6 years now and I've got cases with maybe 10 - 15 firings on them that have never been full length sized. I use Lapua cases and take them straight out of the box and load them up, once they are fired I neck size them and I repeat this process as necessary. Some loads are fairly light but I also have some loads that are pushing a 150 grain bullet at 3000fps from a 308Win so they are at book max. They all shoot better than I can.

    As Sauer and Blaser are, basically, the same people and share some of the same manufacturing plant and, I'm told, components I would be very surprised if there were to be any difference between them in terms of accuracy. My Blaser will shoot any bullet and load that I've tested to, as near as I can tell, the same POI at 100 yards as I've demonstrated before on this forum and I suspect that a Sauer will do exactly the same. In the end any well engineered rifle will shoot any bullet exactly where you point it.
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    Both rifles handle slightly differently, I feel I have to "shoot" the sauer more than the blaser. Or to put another way, I could get away with less emphasis on technique with the Blaser.

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