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Thread: Cleaning a T8?

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    Cleaning a T8?

    I have recently bought a T8 Moderator for my .270 and have to say that I am extremely pleased with it - It has reduced the report to what sounds more like an unmoderated .22WMR (From the firing position), it has reduced the recoil of the rifle by quite a lot making the rifle even more of a pleasure to use, and it has helped tighten my grouping up. All in all very well worth the money I paid for it!
    My question is as follows:- I bought this moderator "pre-owned". It was in very good condition when I bought it and I want to keep it that way. I have read some "reports" which say you should not clean a centrefire moderator and some which say otherwise and give "opinions as to how a moderator should be cleaned". What are your thoughts please?

    I ought to add that the moderator is removed from the rifle and stored seperately when not in use after being given a good wipe down with a clean dry cloth followed by a very light wipe over with gun oil. Is there anything else which I could be doint to help to prolong the life of this moderator or to help to keep it in good working order please?

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    Be quite liberal with WD40 as recommended by the makers i use a 12 gauge swab for the inner tube and use the red straw to spray into the baffles then leave it up right on an old rag to drain the excess

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    WD 40 squirted into the mod, rolled about and stood up to drain. A good spray of gun oil on the outside and neoprene cover slipped back on stops the exterior rusting


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    Thanks for that Guys. Might it be advisable/practical to spray a little "Brunox" or similar "bore cleaner/solvent" in it very occasionally to loosen any "crud" that might be congeled inside it or would that not be too advisable?

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    I would stick to WD40 or similar


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    I've given mine a good soak in hot soapy water before, then dried it out on top of the rayburn stove overnight (ensures that it's totally dry). I make sure to dry it out on the stove after use also. I may try sloshing a bit of rust converter around inside it if the rust gets bad. I think it's moisture more than anything else that kills them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    I would stick to WD40 or similar

    Fair enough, thanks for the advice!

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    as ranger 22 has said the manufacturer recomends wd 40

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    I'm quite happy now to go along with the WD40 if that's what the manufacturers recomend!
    At the risk of making myself look completely stupid (Nothing new there I guess) I am going to ask another question:- When you have sprayed some WD40 into the moderator and rolled it around to spread it around fairly evenly which way up should you stand the moderator to drain? i.e. Should it be left standing to drain with the threaded and pointing upwards or downwards and roughly how long for?

    Edit: Maybe not quite such a stupid question when you realise that all other moderators I have had were stripable for cleaning purposes so a slightly different situation!
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    I had a T8 for years , I would take the mod off the rifle and give a good squirt of WD40 in both ends of the mod and leave it to stand on a few bits of kitchen towel thread end down until I was ready to use it again .

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