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Thread: Swarovski 8x50 Habicht

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    Swarovski 8x50 Habicht

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    I have recently purchased a 7mm Rem Mag. However, In the deal I had to buy the package, including this scope at an agreed value 400. It is my intention to put my Z6i on to this Rifle, hence the sale at cost.

    Mint Condition! Swarovski 8x50 Habicht including Butler Creek's @ 400 plus p&p

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    Could you state the age of this scope please.
    Swarovski would
    reply to your enquiry very swiftly if you gave the number off the scope.

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    Where do I have to email.

    Thanks - Ben

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    its easy to age just add 30 to the first two numbers of the serial number

    if the first two numbers are say 76 add 30 = 106 that would mean 2006 built date

    83+30 =113 =2013 year date etc etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben82 View Post
    Where do I have to email.

    Thanks - Ben

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    Is it a 25 mm or 30 mm tube

    cheers allan

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