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Thread: 4x4. Vans

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    4x4. Vans

    Hi folks,

    Just curious for those who really don't need 4wd that often .....many body using the likes of the smaller vans with 4wd & a set of appropriate tyres?

    I know of the Renault kangoo

    What others are available ?
    Is the 4wd selectable at all or just "awd"

    Just wondering wether maybe a more cost efficient option for my self or not..... Would be an older vehicle I would go,for not new

    Just what's yer experiences good or bad


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    I use the kangoo with winter tyres. The Peugeot and Citroen equivalents also seem to be pretty good.

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    I had a Kangoo Diesel van but two wheel drive. It had a side sliding door too. It was excellent in so many ways, reliable, 56 to the gallon etc. but kept getting stuck ! I tried every way to obtain a 4x4 version in good condition and low mileage, with no success. I even approached Renault UK with a view to buying one brand new but no joy there either.
    It would appear that they are rather rare. If I could buy a new one, I would do so.
    Good luck with your quest.
    A pessimist is an optimist with experience.

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    there's one on ebay

    Renault Kangoo 1.6 16v 4X4 Trekka

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    Berlingo XTR have a LSD, extra ride height and extra protection underneath. There's a good few kicking around the country.

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    I have a Berlingo XTR and the ride isn't really that high I certainly wouldn't use it off road other than on hard rides and grass meadows in summer. The underbody steel plate engine protection did pay off though when I hit a badger with it one night back in September.
    As far as I know there isn't a 4x4 Citroen Berlingo. If there was I would certainly be looking for one to buy as I rate the vehicle highly for my actual needs.
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    VW did a T4 in 4x4 only trouble is the 2nd hand prices are over inflated due to the popularity of the T4 with the camper van brigade.

    Or you've got the likes of the imported Bongo's that although are people carrier size are really vans with windows and there's loads of them around.

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    The Renault kangoo 4x4 is great little van, my old man had one years ago. Wish I bought it of him, he sold it for peanuts.

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    Wots the mpg like with the 4x4 vans?
    I have heard it drops considerably from there 2wd model

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    My mate has a kango 4x4. He loves it, the only thing for me is the repairs he's had to do. New turbo, balance weight on prob shaft sheared off, rear brakes adjustment worn needing new hubs, 3 may be 4 front drive shafts. He's self employed so claims for the repairs and does them himself otherwise it would cost a fortune to run.The quality of parts are poor and because it's rare parts are expensive with non in breakers

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