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Thread: Price of RFD to RFD

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    Price of RFD to RFD

    Been looking everywhere for best price of a new Browning S/S fluted 20" in .308 and found good price one of the main sites But i am looking to find out approx how much he would charge to xfer to my usual RFD and the price again approx that they would charge?
    Reason being..well best price i can get is 810 and the usual RFD charging 900 for exact same rifle and the extra dosh i could possibly save would purchase a couple of boxes ammo or some brass and n bullet heads.

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    My local RFD handled the transfer when I bought my used rifle. He charged about 20 for postage and 15 admin fee. I didn't pay the selling RFD any extra.

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    Were is it coming from Chris

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    I recently purchased a rifle from the other end of the country and it made financial sense to do everything by post as fuel would cost circa 120 for a round trip. To send my old rifle down (part ex) my local RFD charged me 17 postage. The RFD on the other side charged me 25 postage to send the new rifle up. Probably the same service so one was making a decent margin!

    My local RFD did not charge me any admin fee for receiving the new rifle as they said I was a 'good customer'. On it's arrival I did purchase powder, sling and other bits worth a few quid so all were happy.

    It really depends on your RFD. If you told them your plans you might find they can do a better deal on the rifle or throw bullets etc in with it.



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    My local charges 15 to receive and 25 to send but he also goes out of his way to help me get in any ammo I want to try and will even open up to let me come in out of hours if I need something so I always send my trade his way as I get looked after. Another place won't charge anything to receive but then another place charges 30 to receive. It may be worth paying the 900 and ask for something off or thrown in to sweeten the deal and then you can use him more and you'll maybe find you get better deals in future?

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    My local RFD charges 20 all in for sending to another RFD. No idea what he charges for receiving as I haven't done that for a long time.

    But your best bet is just to do a deal with your local RFD for the rifle and some ammunition/brass/bullets/whatever thrown in. Having a good local RFD is worth supporting in the long run.

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    I have been using the same rfd for past couple years now and do give plenty of cash his way, quoted price from other RFD plus a tenner for bringing it in, must have thought i was zipped up the back as i used to work in shops 30 years ago and no way would we order from another retailer to give them all of the profit, we would go straight to the importer or manufacturer and sell direct to customer so that profit was ours.
    Suppose i could have a wee word in ear as i would need to order a mod, bullet heads and poss more powder as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Were is it coming from Chris

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    I have been charged 25 to receive by 4 of the RFDs round me. Seems harsh.

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    My RFD will receive for 0 sending is around 20

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    I got quoted 48 return to send a gun off to be repaired recently.

    I also get charged 25 whether it's a sale or receipt by my RFD, easy money for him and a bit annoying especially as I've spent 1,000's with him.

    I was lucky last week as a friend who's just become an RFD took my shotgun off me and didn't charge me a penny, he said he couldn't justify a charge as it took him 2 mins to do the transfer online via his mobile phone.

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