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Thread: "Good German Glass" Binoculars

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    "Good German Glass" Binoculars

    Hello gents

    Probably a question that has been asked hundreds of times before by other beginners. So apologies in advance.

    Been strongly advised to focus from the outset on buying some good German binoculars. "Last a lifetime and the thing you spend 99 percent of your time looking through."

    Looked at uttings websites and had a bit of shock at the price range. Was also even more surprised to find the Steiner navigator binoculars I use/abuse at work most days were supposed to be half decent.

    So if you are starting out, what binoculars would you buy initially so that you would not have to upgrade in 3-5 years time?

    As an example, if you thought about buying a 1000 quid S&B scope.. Should you be spending more than that on binoculars?



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    Forgot to ask about warranty/replacement for damage.


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    Buy the Leica 8x42 on here at the moment. You'll never need anymore, they should last a lifetime and are great on any warranty. At £400 you'll never regret it.
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    Will look into that, was advised to get 8x42. Is that in the classifieds?

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    Swarovski, Zeiss or Leica Get 8 times power and min 42 objective If cant stretch to new buy good second hand pair and send off to manufacturer for a "service" Just got may swaros back and cost after 15 years hard use was £127 to return to near new. Much better than buying anything else and then trading up later - get the best from the getgo

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    [QUOTE=sh1kar;892278get the best from the getgo

    I agree with this in general terms but I don't think you need "the best" at all.

    My personal view is that Zeiss make the best glass. I also believe that Minox offer the best point on the price/performance graph though there are some others I've looked through recently that are as near as makes no odds.

    If you are relatively new to stalking and have finite funds then you are much, much better spending your cash on an "adequate" pair of binos than on "the best" because you will simply never need anything beyond what is adequate for your stalking. Then spend the rest of the money on going stalking. I shoot sika in dark commercial forestry and the deer don't move until the last minutes of legal shooting time. I always decide to stop shooting before my Minox bins stop me from seeing the deer. I could spend another £2k on Zeiss and I'd have no doubt that I had the best glass, but I wouldn't shoot another deer and that £2k would get me a lot of stalking which WOULD allow me to shoot more deer.

    In the end stalking isn't about having "the best" gadgets, it is about getting out stalking and enjoying yourself so a few hundred spent wisely on something adequate for the job will last you a lifetime and any cash left over can be spent on going stalking and shooting more deer, which is the whole point.

    Also take a serious look at 2nd hand options. You should be able to get well respected makes with good glass at relatively decent prices if you buy from a reputable source. Macleods of Tain get a great reputation in this area.
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    Would be grateful for advice on current shortlist. There are some cheaper brands in here which get good reviews on

    * Spix's 2nd Hand Leicas - 400 GBP or so
    * Bushnell Elite ED 8x42 - 277 GBP on ebay
    * Nikon Monarch 7 8x42 - 350 GBP on ebay
    * Kahles 8x42 - 605 GBP

    Mr Spix has suggested I also look at 7x42 binoculars as well...

    [Just realised only 2 of them are German ]

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    sh1kar's advice to get good second hand and then get them serviced is spot on I think.
    That way you get an almost good as new quality item with no faults for a helluva good price.

    Of course you need to get a maker with good after sales / re-furbish service so check that out before you buy.
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    Have a look at Opticron binoculars, they are excellent quality for the price.
    I have used a pair of 8x50s for some time and you get a lot of binocular for your buck.

    If you keep your eyes open mine will be coming up for sale soon, they won't be expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRLA View Post
    Would be grateful for advice on current shortlist. There are some cheaper brands in here which get good reviews on

    * Spix's 2nd Hand Leicas - 400 GBP or so
    If the 2nd hand Leicas are in good condition etc. (I haven't even seen the advert so have no idea about them) then you will be getting great glass for very little money. You will never make a big mistake buying Leica and unless you like to change gear every month, and many do, you'll probably never need another pair.

    A huge "hidden" advantage with going for decent 2nd hand glass is that it has already lost most of its money. So, if you hate them you can always sell them for what you paid.

    Kahles get a good reputation and I've looked through their scopes but never their binos. I wouldn't have any concerns about them being up to the job but they would probably lost a lot more money than the Leicas if you came to sell again but on the positive side you'd have the confidence of a "new buy" with all that brings with it.

    The Bushnell and Nikon may well be great glass (I haven't seen these exact models) but they probably lose a lot of money if you wanted to sell again as they simply don't have the brand image of the others. My guess, as per the previous post, is that they would be adequate for most purposes.
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