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Thread: What happen's when you move to America...

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    What happen's when you move to America...

    I moved from the UK (West Sussex) to America (Atlanta, Georgia) just over the year ago. It look me a while to get the paper work sorted to import my guns that I had in the UK. However, around 6 months ago I was able to fly back to the UK, collect firearms from RFD (1 x Howa 1500 308w, 3 x Aya Sxs, 1 x 12b Lanber, 1 x 12b Remington 1100) and fly back to the US. Actually managed to do it all in less than 24 hours (helps when you work for an Airline)! It would have been easier for me to sell them and buy cheaper in the US, however, like many, I had certain attachments to my firearms (eg. first gun, inherited gun etc). Anyways, definitely worth the effort!

    I have been meaning to post a thread on hunting and how things have changed (some good points some bad points). I will get to that over the holidays. However, for now I wanted to share with you what happens to your firearms collection when you move to the US. I have tried (a little bit) to show a little bit of control (although my wife would disagree). First purchase was a muzzleloader. We hunt deer in Ohio and there is not a rifle season in Ohio, but there is a muzzleloading season. By the way, I also bow hunt (but this is for another thread). Ended up with a second hand CVA Wolf 50cal. Surprisingly accurate and fun to shoot. Will be up in Ohio first week in January with it.

    Second purchase was a pistol. After lots of deliberation ended up with a S&W M&P 9mm (full size). Not wanting to go into the wrongs/rights of handguns, but I love going to the range with the pistol! A lot of fun!! This was quickly followed by the purchase of S&W 642-1 (no lock model) in 38sp. Can't beat the ease of use and simplicity of a revolver.

    I had always wanted a 22lr in the UK but never got around to putting in the paperwork. However, ended up walking out of a gunshop with a Marlin 25n 22lr (Ducks Unlimited version). And finally (as a birthday present to myself) joined the AR15 bunch with a purchase of a FN15 Carbine 5.56x45mm. It has a 1:7 twist rate so should be good as a hunting rifle (although again is a blast at the range!). And that reminds me, my ammo stock pile has significantly increased!

    Purpose of this thread was not really to show off my purchases (but pictures attached), but actually to ask the question, if you moved to the US what whould be the first firearms purchase you would make?

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    A flight home (on your airline) to collect my rifles.

    The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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    First purchase , vintage mossberg 46m, relined with a hm2 , followed by ruger single six in .22,

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    First purchase would be a 44 revolver for the range just always fancied one. Then id be going for long range target rifles .338lm and a barret .50

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    AR15 for definite. There seems to be a massive following in the US, and any amount of hop-ups and mods fro them. I fired my friends AR in Georgia last year & loved it to bits

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodsmoke View Post
    AR15 for definite. There seems to be a massive following in the US, and any amount of hop-ups and mods fro them. I fired my friends AR in Georgia last year & loved it to bits
    Agreed, have kept my AR simple for now, but plenty of things I would like to chance. Personally, never had more fun at the range than with the AR15 and open sights over various distances.

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    ‎OK, given I'm unlikely of find one of the following over here allied to the pain that is FAC variations and storage, I'll come clean:

    1. Wickliffe Stinger in 22 hornet‎
    2. H&K ‎630 semi auto in 223. The one from the 70's that had all wood furniture and a nicely engineered quick detachable one piece mount & rings and looked properly dressed with a small S&B scope of similar vintage.
    3. 44 Auto Mag pistol because I'm that kind of punk.

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    The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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    I have done pretty much the same and moved from the UK to USA (Oklahoma) but I put my UK guns in storge in the UK as the hassle and cost wasn't worth it but as I have a few nice and also sentimental guns in the UK I didn't want to sell them.

    Since moving here I unfortunatley have gone a bit mental buying....

    I now have an AR15 in .223 (a colt one - not the other imposters lol) - I have alreay had an amusing incident wherby I shot at a hog and then furiosly scrambled to cycle the bolt for the next round - by the time i figured it out the hog had gone!

    A Beretta PX4F in 9mm - I have always liked the guns beretta build and did look at others but it was one of the few that had a safety catch! (Glocks, S&W didnt on the guns i looked at)

    and my last purchase a few weeks ago was a Marlin 336/30AW in 30-30, i love it but unfortunately just cant seem to shoot it with buckhorn sights so am in the middle of trying to sort out a williams reciever sight for it when i can get a front sight that works!

    I am also on the look out for a 30-06 but am trying to not blow a heap of money on guns I will most likely sell before going back to the UK sop I was looking at the low end guns and I just can't find any that appeal to me so far (Savages, Mossberg, Remmingtons etc.)

    and I will no doubt buy a shotgun at some point....

    the shooting scene here in the USA is fantastic and very liberated although I have to admit to cringing at a couple of things I have seen so far (guy trying to shoot sillouette targets with a colt 1911 .45 pistol at 75 yards and firing maybe 15 shots and not one on the paper) and a guy with his son firing a pistol and the kid having a missfire and turning the pistol sideways to look at it (pointing towards the rest of the range stations!)

    Also my wife was heavily chastised one day when she took our 3 year old daughter into a liquor store when she went into buy a bottle of wine (she was actually asked to leave the store due to having our dauter with her) yet it was pefectly acceptable for us to go into an indoor shooting range with the kids, hand over a UK driving license and rent an AR 15, Glock and 100 rounds for each and walk away to the range unsupervised......that's a little odd to me!

    As I am in oklahoma I am spoiled for deer hunting as I believe it rates as one of the top states for whitetail and has some enourmous elk and enough pigs to trip over on, but I do miss the silent mornings and beautiful summer evenings roe stalking in Scotland and also the walked up days with some friends.

    It's a great place for fieldsports/shooting people and I so wish i had my guns from the UK here but couldn't be bothered with the hassle and beuracracy - one of the things that hacked me off was the massive inhale through closed teeth that every firearm dealer seemed to do when I asked about getting the guns shipped - as usual the UK system was the issue!

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    Glock 17 9mm, smith 686 6" .357, Ar15 and an L1A1 SLR(to take me back to my younger days)

    L1A1 - ARRSEpedia

    strangely all stuff we can no longer get our hands on over here!!!
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    Hi Joe
    Glad things are coming together mate, where did the last year go ? Look forward to reading more of your write ups. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

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