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    Gun Safe

    As the title suggests I'm after a gun safe. I have a 5 rifle cabinet already but it's getting a bit tight so ideally loking for a cheap 3 gun shotgun cabinet that I can just bolt on to it for my shotguns to free up some space.

    Cheap and tatty is fine as its going to be hidden out the way, I'm located close to Heathfield in East Sussex and anything will be considered if its close enough to collect.

    Would consider a larger cabinet too (8+ rifles) for either a swap and cash your way or maybe sell mine if I get a bigger one.

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    I'm looking to buy myself an 8 gun cabinet mate your more than welcome to take my 5 gun if suitable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesbilling View Post
    I'm looking to buy myself an 8 gun cabinet mate your more than welcome to take my 5 gun if suitable?
    Possibly a big big so would be too expensive but depends how much you're after really? I only need a 3 gun just to keep my shotguns in but could always do wit the extra space!

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    well I'm looking for a new one tomorrow your more than welcome to check it out as it'll be going spare won't be asking for much like 75 quid or something?

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    I have a floor mounted custom built safe for sale for 120. You can alter the internal layout to anything you require. Would take about 10 guns. 137 x 62 x 25 cms. Built of sheet steel 2mm thick. Has been my only safe for many years but I have recently moved to new house. Will take rifles with moderators fitted. Internal locked box for ammo and bolts. Cartridges and other stuff stores beneath guns. You could wall mount it but that was never my intention. I have it on another forum but can't put it on this one yet due only just joined. Contact me for details if you are interested. Fressingfield in North Suffolk.
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    I've got one of these for sale, only 2 years old, more or less brand new condition with two sets of keys:

    Fortify K4 3/4 Shotgun Cabinet

    Cost 145 new, looking for 100, can ship anywhere in the UK for 10

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