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Thread: Stalking or game shooting in Dorset 3rd wk of Jan

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    Stalking or game shooting in Dorset 3rd wk of Jan

    Hi all,

    I live in Cornwall but am heading up to Dorset in the new year for a few days to relax & visit friends.

    I'm hoping someone can hook me up with some stalking between the 11th-16th of January. I hear Dorset is the place to find great Sika which would be a great experience as Cornwall is Roe a few fallow or very elusive Reds. Not that I'm complaining but it would be great to see something new.

    If no one knows of any stalking perhaps someone knows of a good little pheasant/partridge day?

    Happy to pay of course or swap a days driven pheasant shooting here in glorious Cornwall

    Thanks folks
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    I'm clear from 12 - 15th and stalk that area. Send me an Email and we can hatch a plan!


    For professional guided Deer & Wild Boar Stalking, practical stalking intro's & Deer related training,
    DSC1 & 2 preparation & witnessing, Field Rifle coaching. Go to - or call me on Tel: 07798 771 062

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    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for getting in touch. I have emailed you on the website address.

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