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Thread: bullets

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    Berger bullets seem to be making it in the uk but nosler and hornaday are not, anybody know why.....?

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    What makes you say that?
    i use hornady and my local stocks them, so I guess other probably do

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    And i use Nosler....go figure?!?!!
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    I buy from a couple of shop and there stocks have diminished and have not been replaced.i check via Internet regular waiting to see new stuff.none as yet.maybe you are lucky you use what is still on the shelves.maybe I am wrong.i would of thought the same goes for the powders though some seems to make it occasionally too.atb swaro

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    Stock up on Nosler I had an email from my wholesaler that Nosler has stopped exporting bullets until they have caught up with demand in the US,
    Good news is that Hornady are suppling backorders and are getting head of demand, we have trouble getting powder from both the US and Australia
    American powders have gone up 10 to 20% because of half filled containers when paying something like $7500 a container and it is not full some one has to pay
    Hope that the crazy season is over in the states soon. Robert.

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    I am finding hornady stuff harder to get than rocking horse ****

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sle View Post
    I am finding hornady stuff harder to get than rocking horse ****
    What you after?

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    What you after?
    I can't seem to find a max in 224, or 308 at the mo.

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    35 gr v-max for the hornet is pretty thin on the ground!

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    ILL have amax back on the shelf in all flavours from tomorow on
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