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    How many of you folks who stalk with a dog give the cleaned out gralloch (not the pluck) to your dog staight from the beast. My GWP lookes for it and loves it


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    My viszla has every one that i shoot just washed out and cut into small pieces she will not touch the heart or liver but very happy to chew the legs

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    my bernese mountain dog would have the lot whole deer if i was not lookingbut good for draging beast from the hill she loves it

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    I don't have a dog yet for Stalking, but when I shoot a beast, I always take the liver for my Dad's dog or my Brothers dog, chop it into 2cm squares or there abouts and they get 3 or 4 chunks a day.

    Can't get enough of it. If they could they would take the liver in one go. Don't knnow if that would be to rich for them though


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    I have to keep the offal for the game dealer, so as a treat I let my dog have the diaphragm, mainly if he's helped! I might let him try the rest of it

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