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    to understand this post: see "thanks from the new guy"

    MORNING BEOWULF/STEYR, up early fed the dogs, made a coffee, thought, i`ll just check if anyone`s answered my post?--read your`s Beowulf-- the realisation was a shocker!!
    Scattered around the computer desk, 6pack of crisps, remnants of an easter egg (someone`s going to miss out), large piece of cheese!!?? and several empty coffee cups.
    Is this what dependency is like? what have you people done to me??

    PS steyr, don`t knock it till you`ve tried it! and do you know where Beowulf bought his realtree handbag from?

    "oh dear" am i dead too?

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    Hi TonyM
    Yes this is what it does to you mate. Im just doing the ironing whilst i type this reply
    That realtree handbag of yours, You know the 1 with the vanity mirror in it ..........

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    You want to see his Laura Ashley dress, the one with the big roses on.

    Perfect for laying in ambush in those smaller gardens for Muntjac.

    Steve glad to hear that you have found a job you enjoy, hope to see you in the near future. Hopefully you have disposed of the rubber ring to sit on by now

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    Is that the long dress hes got with the floral pattern on it He wore that last sunday when he was making us all tea.....
    hes bum looked a little big in it tho

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    Ahhh that will be all those Chocolate digestives he eats

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    Hi Tony,
    Welcome to the 'take the p155 out of Beowulf club'! Its a great laugh on here especially when everyone gets involved. I've just got home from work, two hours late! First thing I did was kiss the dogs and pat the wife, grab a sandwich and a pint of cider and sit in front of this bloody site! Only thing is the 'Knickerbox' realtree thong I'm wearing is riding up and giving my Farmer Giles hell! And laughing at the posts has made my mascara run

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    thats it , darinda get the battenberg out , he's on a diet this week
    how could any one want to take the p155 out of you mr B , such a sweet little putty cat with all those whiskers

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    nice to see we are all getting on as usuall .

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