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Thread: Voere rifles, information and opinions.

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    Voere rifles, information and opinions.

    These have caught my attention lately, being Austrian made and lower priced than Steyr and Anschutz centrefire rifles. The company seems quite traditional and the catalogue has many options for their Mauser style and Tirolerin rifles.

    How good are their rifles when it comes to accuracy, triggers, barrels, and build quality? How good is the "push" thumb cocking system?
    Appreciate any thoughts or comments on them, and Merry Christmas
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    I won't be much help as I have not shot a Voere rifle yet. I have spoken to the guy who runs the show and looked their rifles at the IWA show. The company seem to make very traditional rifles with at least one unusual feature. Not sure if on all rifles, however they have a separate hardened steel insert which threads into the receiver to take up the bolt lugs. One advantage is that a very high quality piece of steel with the proper heat treatment and hardness (as a bolt lug partner)can be used. ASH in Germany also use this method on their precision rifles saying it worked without flaws in 200 000 Voere rifles.
    Generally Voere also supply mechanical parts to varies industries, when business is good in those industries they have less interest in their gun business....

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    I bought a cheap Voere (400) .375 H&H. Love the action (non Mauser type) the stock is dreadful but the action and barrel are superb. Really recommend it, although spare bits such as magazines are very hard to find.

    Would like to change the stock without having to go down the custom route, as an aside does anyone know an 'off the shelf' replacement stock that would fit?!

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    I owned a 2155 in 8x57 a few years ago. Great rifle, great price. They are built on the Santa Barbara commercial Mauser action. Mine was very accurate and we'll made and finished.
    They only reason I sold it was because they put the bolt on the right hand side and I could not get used to it.
    If they made one in left hand I would buy two of them in a heartbeat.

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    Scrumbag on here has one and it's lovely.

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    + 1 on that. His is a 98 action, winchester 70 style swing safety and a good trigger.


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    I've never used their centrefire rifles but I have a .22LR Voere semi-auto. I've had it 40 odd years and it was second hand when I bought it. Just a couple of years ago I contacted the company direct for recoil and firing pin springs and they sent them free of charge. Excellent barrel!

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