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Thread: Meopta R1 riflescopes

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    Meopta R1 riflescopes

    Does anyone have any experience with these scopes? I was looking at the 3-10x50. Are they really up there with the other top German optics?

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    I have the Meostar R2 2.5 -15 X56, this is the second focal plane scope the R1 is first focal plane model. I am very impressed with mine build quality is excellent and light gathering is brilliant.

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    I have a 3-12x56 R1 on my 270 and for the money I paid for it (400) as new I'm well chuffed, a big difference from the Swar 3-18x50 I had on , that extra draw of light at darkness is the bonus ball, as for build one of my mates slipped and fell and the Meopta he had on his rifle took a fair old bang but it never lost its zero and he can't praise them enough.

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    Me and a bunch of my mates have them. Yup there not bad at all. Very good in low light. You will be able to see right up till last light.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Thanks guys. I'm sure I read they are in the 2nd focal plane though.

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    Check out the Marchwood site for full details. The 3x12x56 is an excellent bit of glass.


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    Think there was a write up reviews in novembers sporting shooter on these scopes.

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    I have an artemis 2100 3-12x50, not the same scope but its bombproof!
    Fit and forget, never lost zero... ever, on anything its ever been on! and to look at you can tell its had a hard life!!
    Glass wise to my eyes i find it only just behind an equivalent swaro. the swaro was just a little bit sharper and slightly better colour rendition. very little in it though.

    That said im now looking for a suitable swaro to replace it!!


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    Meopta all the way all the way all together now .... it will do you fine. never lost zero and wont let you down. just some would make you think if it was not swaro ur not in. not true. I have the up most respect for my meopta. and I was going to bin it...

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