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Thread: G.D.K cabinets... an eBay mistake waiting to happen

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    Angry G.D.K cabinets... an eBay mistake waiting to happen

    Just thought I would share my experience dealing with this company (GDK). I ignored advise on this forum and purchased a very cheap cabinet and matching ammo safe off them from eBay.

    It was to be the top of their range (carpet lined no less!) and delivered in two days...

    Things started well, the item was posted the day after the order and arrived the following day. Then it went down hill and has kept descending.

    It was the wrong (cheaper) cabinet, and to add insult to injury it was also sent with the wrong keys (as was the ammo safe). I couldn't open either.

    I contacted the seller to explain the situation (Gary), who sounded apologetic, askng for my number so he could call to resolve the situation. Over a week later and I have heard nothing, despite repeated messaging from me, he's ignored everything.

    He's now holding up my FAC application which is beyond frustrating.

    If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don't use this company, they are a painfully unfunny joke.

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    Hummm GDK have 54 Native Feedbacks in the last 12 mounts ! , Report to EBay & Buyers Refund ..

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    Claim your money back through ebay/paypal. Don't spend any extra trying to send the safes back - let him sort that out. You shouldn't have a problem getting all your money back.

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    Ebay system of refunds does work ----------- eventually. They will insist on the items being sent back to the seller before you get a refund. If the fault is proven to be the sellers' Ebay may send you a pre paid postage slip (Parcelforce). They did this for me when I had this recently with a vacuum cleaner that wasn't properly packaged & got broken en route. - It took 2 months to sort out because the seller was incommunicative. Send lots of Ebay messages - don't phone the seller as there is then no evidence trail. Escalate through Ebay system & stick with it.
    Buy replacement cabinets elsewhere so you don't have to wait for your FAC any longer than necessary.


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    i would just go get a brattonsound from your close't dealer, i see you in London and Essex gun in Romford do them, then sort out the ebay/paypal stuff as well as this will get your cert moving at the same time as your dealing with the muppets.

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    I rang them up and bought over the phone much easier than the eBay process.

    I had a broken shelf due to courtier dropping it in the van just as he got out.

    I rang GDK he said if I could fix it he would refund me some money or send me an item from the catalogue.

    3 days later I slipped a weld back on and it's good as new plus I have a free cleaning kit due to their awesome customer service!

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    Sorry to hear you are having problems especially at this time of year.

    I've bought a few items from GDK including an ammo safe and not had any problems. I would follow the ebay refunds/dispute system and send all communications through EBay, I never try and call people. I have had a few items not arrived in the past and always got refunds. I always pay via Paypal when using EBay and found the protection satisfactory thus far.

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    Sorry to hear of your woes and I hope you get some sort of resolution sooner rather than later.

    In all fairness though, something could have gone wrong with any manufacturer or delivery process so I'm not sure you can lay sole blame on GDK for delaying your FAC application. If time was of the essence I'd have sourced a local cabinet even at higher cost and got it installed ASAP.

    I have a few cabinets (one GDK, the others big name brands) and encountered no issues with any.

    I genuinely hope you get a positive resolution - assuming GDK is a sole trader (I don't know either way) I imagine the run up to Christmas is bedlam and chaos. That doesn't help you or excuse the lack of contact from GDK though.

    Good luck !

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