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Thread: Hi from tyneside wheyabuggaman!!

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    Hi from tyneside wheyabuggaman!!

    Hi Just found your site, looks like I can learn a lot from it.
    I've shot for over 40 years and been in various pheasant syndicates for over 20. I have had FAC for 10 (going through renewal at present) and I've mainly stalked on friends beats and had the occasional paid stalk. I also like rough shooting and have two pointers, a hairy one and a shiny one! My son is also a keen gun and shot better than me last weekend when we were out with his ferrets. I'm looking to spend a greater proportion of my available "shooting time" stalking and I'm glad I've found you!
    Cheers Brian

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    Welcome to the site Brian,
    we're quite a friendly bunch, hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.

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    hi bonny lad whereabouts on tyneside im from hebburn this is a good site plenty of good lads
    atb tom

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    Hi tom I'm from posh shields - cleeding villarge

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    Hello Brian,

    I'm north tyneside.

    Glad I found the site too, learnt loads.



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