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Thread: Hello from IRAQ

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    Hello from IRAQ

    Hi all and thanks for letting me join your group i've been stalking for only a year and i was lucky to get my first roe doe last march on my very first outing .

    As the title say's i'm currently working in iraq doing hostile close protection and i'm due back in the uk january 2015 and i've got myself 3 days stalking in suffolk which i'm very excited about i will keep everybody posted on how my 3 days went.

    All the best


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    Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy.

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    Thanks stalkingkent i'll keep you posted on how i got on.

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    Welcome from a Northamptonshire stalker.Take care out there.Wf1

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    Thanks wf1, as they say i keep low and move fast.

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    Hello and welcome,
    CP work eh? keep them shades on! whereabouts in suffolk have you booked the stalking?

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