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Thread: Sharing a rifle

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    Sharing a rifle

    I was wondering how you go about being able to use some one elses Rifle. I wish to use my friends 22-250 to go out lamping at night, ON MY OWN as he has Night vision and my .270 is probably a little too much in the middle of the night, but can i put this on my license as such although he owns it etc can i put it on my ticket so i can legally carry the Rifle and Ammo?

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    I have a friend who has done this with a semi auto shotgun. Its a different story in that one owner has quite a volatile wife. He told the police he did not want to keep the shotgun in the house due to his wifes psychiatric problems so it is storred at his friend house and is on both of their section 1 tickets.


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    You can put it on,the fact it's owned by someone else and kept elsewhere doesn't matter,it can be on 2 certificates.All you need to show is good reason for it and have the land which you seem to have.If you have the necessary storage for it then it could be kept at either house which would certainly help as you wouldn't want to be taking it back to your mates at all hours of the night.The only difficulty I can see might be whatever area you are in as I have learned from the posts on the site that some forces seem to be a law unto themselves as to how they interpret the guidelines and legislation.

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    Local FEO is a good guy and on the ball, thought it could go on 2 tickets but unlike Shotguns there is no 72 hours grace/borrowing ability on rifles

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    1. You can have an FAC but do not necessarily need to possess a firearm. The "reason" is that you choose to use others firearms (of the appropriate calibre) unaccompanied.

    2. This is why discretion is allowed by the FLO (Chief Constable).

    3. My son doesn't live with me but has had an FAC since 15 on my 9.3 x 62, among others, and has them on his certificate. Different Constabulary.

    4. Again, explain your needs, show good reason, and that is your starting point.

    5. Good reason.......


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    Seem to remember on the Level one course the question was asked. The answer was the rifle could be on two certs but the ammo purchasing had to be done by the owner. For sake of argument I could get my brothers rifle on my cert but he would still be the buyer of the ammo ( wee beggar would make a profit before he would hand it over). t would stop the doubling up of ammo on a single rifle.

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    I gave written permission for my brother to use my firearms and shotgun when he applied for his tickets, his ticket now mirrors mine.


    (Note to self, must change that now!!)

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    If that is the ONLY one of your friend's rifles that you wish to co-share then, if it is kept at his house, or at yours, NEITHER of you must be able to access any other of his rifles or ammunition (if either of you have them). So either he will have unlock his cabinet and had it to you and be there when you return it or it MUST have a separate dedicated cabinet of its own which you can both access without him being present to unlock it.

    In other words access by both of you to a joint rifle MUST not give also by default access to any other firearms that you own, as individuals, that are not on BOTH certificates.

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    Or your mate could get an eye bolt welded to the back of his cabinet and use a plastic coated cable with spliced loops in the end ,secure this through the trigger guards of the rifles not on both tickets so denighing you access to them. As he would have the key to the lock,should be ok.
    If your FEO will go for it. Will be cheaper than getting a second gun safe

    Section 19.17 HO Firearms Guidence

    With regard to shared
    security, such as a firearm and a shot gun
    certificate holder sharing a cabinet, separate
    security provisions to prevent unauthorised
    access to firearms once within the cabinet or
    primary security measure, should be made.
    Devices such as lockable high tensile steel
    cable are considered suitable for this purpose

    Know it mentions firearms/shotgun but the concept is the same!!
    Good luck but at least you have something in the framework to refer to.

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    My 16 year old son has one of my rifles on his FAC. He does not live with me, nor has access to it. Two different Police areas but we had no problem. Only reason he would have it would be if he were off on a trip when I wasn't there.

    1. He's better off with the rifle he knows.

    2. He has experience.

    3. Estate rifle permission doesn't apply.

    4. No requirement for an FAC holder to actually own a firearm.....

    I intend to get him on with my 9.3 x 62 this year


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