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Thread: USA Hello!

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    USA Hello!

    I rather appreciate BSA rifles, particularly Monarchs and Martinis. Am happy to have stumbled upon this site; I hope I will be of some value.

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    Welcome along!
    Cheers Ted.

    SACS Member. DSC 1.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hello just joined myself will be interesting to learn about hunting in the USA from your posts.

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    Hi Yank, welcome to the SD matey, a great forum, with some very knowledgable chaps...

    I visit California now and then, and do a bit range shooting there...some desert hunting too on a family friends old deserted farm...nothing of note yet tho...

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    Hi Yank and welcome I visit the US(Illinois) every year, my next trip is February hunting Coyotes and raccoons

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    Hi, i spent the best 3wks of my life travelling around Utah, Nevada, Arizona then back to Utah, love everything about USA and just wish i had more time to see a lot more.
    where abouts in America are you from Yank?

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    welcome yank


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    Welcome Yank. Several of us 'Mericans on the site. Great place to get a different perspective on deer hunting (stalking as they call it).

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