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Thread: What's your favourite shotgun ?

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    What's your favourite shotgun ?

    I've noticed how folk can have some nice guns in the cabinet but their favourite is often the Baikal (or similar) that they can take out with no worries about fine wood or engraving.
    I'm no style guru in this dept and my favourite is my Mossberg's the only shotgun I have

    So,what's your favourite shotgun and why ?.
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    A Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 Deluxe. It's a great all rounder that never looks out of place. I use it every week for clays and it gets a few outing during the season as well as having seen off its fair share of pigeon. It should cross the 30,000 cartridge mark this Sunday but it still looks and feels like new. The fact that it was my first ever shotgun also helps. My bargain gun is an old sable ejector sbs that I bought on here and whilst I love it dearly, it is a little uncomfortable on the shoulder after a round of clays. Good for walked up shooting though.

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    had the big names most very nice then won a 687 sold the rest and its won be more pots and dosh and glass than all the others nut on the butt don't mean a thing don't get me wrong do like a nice browning or kayman 4lux but this old girl still can hold its own and it don't mind wire fence n' mud or marsh

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    For game, Winchester model 23 pigeon grade.

    For pigeons etc my old Remington M1100.

    For wildfowling my Kestrel 10 bore.

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    Mine's a Lanber sporter I bought second hand for 260 in 1997, I've tried a 7000 Miroku and couldn't hit anything with it.
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    Any that Red-Dot has no further use for and may wish to furnish me with FOC!

    ps: Relaxed about the standard of engraving.
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    12b Silver Pigeon S. The go to gun for me. Can do everything and isn't out of place in a hide, on a peg or wherever.

    12b Sabatti Alpen Eagle (Italian, but same action as a Browning Medallist but a bit more suave and has side plates). Actually a nice gun to shoot. Deputises if the Silver Pigeon is crock (but it never is).

    12b Silver Kestrel sidelock SxS ejector. Looks posh but isn't. Light so gets used for those days where there's more walking than shooting.

    12b Beretta Xtreme semi auto in black. Has 3 1/2" chamber and is excellent for wildfowl. Big loads don't give me a bruise because of all the gubbins to stop it that Beretta put in.

    And the winner is.....The Silver Pigeon. Anything I want to do with a shotgun, this feller will do it.

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    The thing with a shotgun is it needs to fit you. You would not buy shoes that were too big or small, yet people buy shotguns that don't fit and expect to shoot well.
    I had a safe full of shotguns O&U, SBS, semi auto but changing guns all the time had a detrimental effect on my success. I sold the lot some years ago, bought a Berretta EELL fixed choke, had it fitted and have not looked back. The gun comes out no matter what the weather or where and what I'm shooting as it won't shoot anything looking nice stuck in a safe.

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    I also like my 20b Beretta Silver Pigeon, I bought it from Jamross a couple of years ago, he said I'd love it and he was right!! I shoot RC Sipes through it and don't feel under-gunned next to the 12s on my shoot. I had to learn to push it through the bird rather than let the weight of a 12 take itself through the bird but it can knock down good birds with less weight to carry and easier on the shoulder. I love it so much that I've sold/am selling all my other guns except one back up 12b BLNE.
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    I am a timber slut and fortunate to have the choice of some beautiful guns of 12 20 & 28 guages in O/U and SBS but if i was only allowed one gun it would be my C12 Browning twenty. Light to carry and with modern loads it can outperform the bulky twelves and it is so fast on the swing too.

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