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Thread: Difference between 1st & 2nd Gen Swaro Z6i

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    Difference between 1st & 2nd Gen Swaro Z6i

    Looking to identify the difference between Z6i 2-12x50 1st and 2nd Generation scopes. Are they identified as G1 or G2 and what are the benefits of the G1 over the G2


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    Gen 2 has an auto-off facility so you don't waste the battery life when switching on the IR by mistake. Swaro have a neat fix though which is a plastic cover that goes over the back end of the scope so you can't do this in error. Works as treat on mine. Just email them the serial number and it'll be with you in a couple of days...

    Also, the back end of the scope, where the IR buttons are, has been refined a bit to just look nicer.

    I'll not be chopping my Gen 1 in for a Gen 2 because of either of the above though!
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    i'v got both selling g 1 only as i wish a long range scope but i still turn off ir on the gen 2 lol , could have saved my dosh and had two gen 1's

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    on the BT version G2 has a locking device on BT.

    G1 IR dot is not as fine as G2 IR dot

    and as mentioned the auto switch off IR

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    The other difference between G1 and G2 is price G1 are a very good buy if you have the cash

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    The gen2 has "HD" written on the side, so it must have better resolution!

    Can't tell with my mk1 eyeballs....
    Cheers Ted.

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