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Thread: Coughing Spaniel

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    Coughing Spaniel

    I have a 10 year old springer who has recently developed a cough as if he is choking/vomiting.(does not bring anything up). This cough is more in the morning and evening. He is eating OK and there is no apparent loss of energy.
    Took him to the vet about a week ago who thought it may be kennel cough and gave him antibiotics. Sounded his lungs and heart and appear ok. Strange thing to me is that I have three other dogs that have not been effected which I thought they may have been given that kennel cough is highly contagious.
    No difference after the weeks antibiotics so back to vet today. Prescribed different antibiotics (stronger and broader spectrum). Lungs still clear and temp normal.
    Vet has considered the possibility of lung worm. Done some research on net and it would appear that lung worm is spreading in UK but some seem to think that he dog would need to have eaten snails whereas other trains of thought would suggest that eating infected grass may be enough. This dog certainly eats grass but not snails as far as I know.(not many about at this time of year anyway). Apart from the cough he has no other symptoms of lung worm.
    I know that a woman who takes her dog to her same ground where I occassionally take mine has exactly the same symptoms with her dog. Her dog has also had antibiotics - no effect, anti flammatory drugs - no effect although the dog did start to cough up blood and at one point went rigid (taken back to vet immediately and is now on steroids). This dog is being tended by a different vet.
    Sorry about the long story but anybody had similar with their dog?

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    All spaniels eat grass, it more than possible he may have taken in a snail, go back to your vet and get him checked for lung worms.

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    Roundworm larvae also cause coughing

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    we had a springer when i was younger, he got to 9 years old and started with a cough and they thought it was kennel cough. after a few weeks they said it was his heart and he went down hill very fast. if i was you get a second opinion just incase gazza. i hope they find out what it is wrong with him good luck.

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    Thanks Tika.308, my dog who is an avid reader of the SD has just gone and stuck his head in the gas oven.

    I know that an enlarged heart can press on the airways and cause coughing. Did your dog show any other symptoms. Apart from the cough this dog is neither up nor down. He has just about finished his second lot of antibiotics and I don't think he is coughing just as much. The other dog that I know of who has the same cough goes to a different vet. This dog is getting treated with steroids and again seems to be improving. I am starting to wonder about a viral infection that is just taking it's time to clear.

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    sorry didnt mean to scare him, our dog lost condition in his coat really fast, used to have a good shiny coat but went all dull, he was worn out after a few paces. he had allways been a typical springer up untill a few weeks before what happened to him, fingers crossed yours will be fine mate.

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