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Thread: Sea Eagles main food - lambs!

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    They take red deer calves as well, perhaps in some considerable numbers, plus observation indicates that they are causing considerable disruption to the native golden eagles. I suspect that their "re-introduction" has been a total disaster in almost every way and it will not be long until the people who "saved" the sea eagle will be demanding cash to "save the golden eagle." I would guess that "changes in land use," "game keepers" and, of course, "climate change" will be cited as the reasons they golden eagle is under threat.
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    Interesting article, it fails to mention compensation to the farmers. Does that mean there isn't any ?.
    It does mention that wind turbines kill more than persecution though. Where's the outrage from the rspb et all then ?.
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    I think a key factor in all of this is that while sea eagles were being "reintroduced" it was asserted that they didn't kill anything at all but lived on pure air and anyone who said they'd seen one kill a lamb had scorn poured upon them - they were just stupid crofters who didn't know any better.

    Then all of a sudden various groups, maybe the ones that previously poured the scorn, can do research to show what these birds are eating and, hey presto, it's sheep and deer and all the stuff everyone expected and had observed. I bet no one did this research free of charge and, of course, it is too late to reverse the mass reintroductions. It also means that there may be compensation for crofters and this will require funding for an "ongoing observation and research project" to establish the scale of the problem and, most importantly, line the pockets of "conservationists" for the next 20 years.

    The fact that we are lied to at every turn is important when it comes to considering all reintroductions as there are no shortage of people looking to reintroduce this and that and, for some reason, almost always in some remote part of Scotland far from the parks of central London.

    The fact that, basically, it has been all about the money is also important to keep in your mind when dealing with the people involved in this stuff. It will be no time at all before they are demanding cash to save the golden eagle from the sea eagles they introduced and, as with the lambs, they will pour scorn on anyone who points out that they caused the problem in the first place.

    We need a huge restructuring of the "conservation" industry in this country as it is more damaging to the countryside than the traditional forms of "big business" that these conservation groups hate and despise. I might go as far as saying that "big conservation" is the biggest threat to our countryside, wildlife and rural way of life that we currently face here in the UK. That I can see there is, basically, no oversight of "big conservation" in the same way there would be if I wanted to, say, build a nuclear power station and this needs to change. I'd feel much more confident for the environment and wildlife putting 40,000 acres in the hands of someone building a nuclear power station than I would if the same 40,000 acres were to be taken "into care" by a "conservation" group.
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    Some folk will do and say anything to get what they want knowing there's no going back when they get it.
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    Caorach, Thats 1 of the best post's i've read on here for a long time. Absolutely spot on.

    Very similar to the recent beaver/wolf thread no one listens to the poor sods who have to live with it. And because we have no intails after our name wot ever our views, opinions and actual observations are rubbished

    Ps I'm sure all the lambs were already dead anyway as we all no most predators survive on road kill So roll out more studies and research ££££,

    Althou why did they not think to do similar research in scandinvia where SE also live next to sheep farming, it really isnae rocket science.
    Anyone could of predicted they would take an easy meal and will put pressure on GE territories and food

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    Quote Originally Posted by countrryboy View Post
    Caorach, Thats 1 of the best post's i've read on here for a long time. Absolutely spot on.

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    I can fully understand the concerns of crofters who are looseing there stock. I keep sheep myself. If I lived there with limited income then I would be trying to breed quality pedigree stock as theres no proper money in sheep unless you go for big numbers. If I was looseing quality blood lines then Iíd be shouting from the roof tops.
    That said from a comercial point of view I see no arguement as to why things would need to change. Iíd like to see the figures, but, Iíd bet the crofters that complain about there losses are being compensated for it, thatís along with the EU grant moneys and land payments that are supporting an already unprofitable buisness.
    Again, that said, from a community point of view. Then without these crofters/farmers then these areas become uninhabited, and Iím sure these guys run B&B buisnesses as well that cater for the visiting bird watchers, who then stay and watch the basking sharks as well as all the little pubs and restaraunts that depend on the income. Iíd bet these birds bring more to the rural ecomony than they take. Since itís the general tax payer that supports these struggling crofters/farmers then there opinions desurve a voice.
    If you look at reintroduction of Red Kites then there is a farmer near Rhyder (spelling?) in Wales, that feeds the Kites with chicken thatís not fit for human consumption and this has generated a great way of diverting that birds attention away from scavenging on lambs and has hides where the tourists can view the birds from.
    As for the birds taking red calves then isnít that a natural prey? I see no problem with that.

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    wow that's a very simplistic way of looking at it Paul but interesting all the same. But one i'd think 100% of crofters would take major exception to, as with all these things there are many ways to look at them To me having feeding stations and suchlike, is not the way to go,! it may divert the 'problem' but is totally unnatural and will end up causing more problems later on due to higher densities and better breeding success with knock on effects add to that birds that are supplementary fed will struggle if for any reason that food source is curtailed for any reason .To my mind reintroduction if it happens should be done on a natural platform after the initial phase, poisoning and shooting is unacceptable but so is expecting anyone to put up with large predators killing their livelihood .
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    So we have to many sea eagles, red kites, buzzards, otters, beavers etc.
    We also have far too many people, but nothing will be done about that either for as long
    the PC loving bunny hugging brigade are in charge.


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