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Thread: Scope advice

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    Scope advice

    After reading all the reviews the Sako 85 seems to fair pretty well, the biggest problem is the scope, I decided on either S&B 8x56 or Leupold 3.5-10 x 50, but would welcome comments as I want to shoot both deer and foxes hence picking the .243. but looking around the 1000 mark to spend on a scope?

    Any comments


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    i.o.r scopes are the dogs bits glass is from shoots factorey in germaney very very clear better far better than the scopes you have picked s/b is good leupold dont come close and yes i have had a few leupold scopes have a look at i.o.r

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    Buy a Swarovski Z6 2-12x50 from Mcleods in tain ex demo stock 995.00

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    The Schmidt & Benders are nice and good glass, unless they have dropped off in the last few years since I got mine, but I doubt that.

    Another option that I will propose you look at are the Meoptas. Nice glass and seem very robust. I have a 7x50A and I am very happy with it Oh and they seem quite keenly priced too. In the Classifieds there a couple for sale new from a spnser fo the site I seem to recall seeing.

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    Go with S & B and you wont go far wrong.

    Leupold are now made in china but still have premium price tag.
    Compared with the likes of S&B, Swaro, Zeiss, NF, IOR, or Doctor the leupolds have abismal low light performance.

    One thing that is not that well know is that most of the makes listed above only have +-2.5 diopter where as the Doctor has +-5

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    You won't go far wrong with your sako! Mine clover leafs
    straight from the box with home loads.
    The I have leopolds, prefer my Swarovski Z6I 2-12x50

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    I have both and the Leupold is pants compared to the Schmidt,if not shooting at dawn or dusk then it would'nt matter to much but the Schmidt just sucks in loads more light,i need to get a new scope myself and it won't be another Leupold thats for sure.

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    If stalking 8 X you might find to much as your eye cannot readily accept easily anything above 7X so a variable might be more suitable .
    Remember the higher the magnification the greater the error and its a matter of compromise

    Personally I stick to old steel tubed Pecar if you can get them the optics are on par with more expensive optics. German optical lenses have always been the best
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    Quote Originally Posted by moses View Post
    Buy a Swarovski Z6 2-12x50 from Mcleods in tain ex demo stock 995.00
    Moses, as always, a man of taste.

    Kohana, if you have a grand to spend, buy this scope today, before someone else of this site slips in and buys it.

    MacLeod also has a whole raft of Swaro PH's from 600 - 800, better all round choice than either of the options you have listed. Put a good variable on that 243, keep it around 6x for stalking and you can crank it up for a longer shot at a fox.

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    You could get a spanking nev PV 2.5-10x56 illuminated No 4 ret for 825.00!!

    Z6 gets my vote though, well worth investing now before they go up again.

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