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Thread: .223 Tikka M595 - semi custom

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    .223 Tikka M595 - semi custom

    OK guys,

    Due to the arrival of a .20BR I have for sale the following my .223 Tikka M595 which has been re-barreled with a 9 twist Bergara barrel and fired approx 700 rounds of mild loadings, 22.5 gr N133. You can see from the load development data that its an accurate rifle that shoots up to 69gr SMK's very well, Ive never tried 75gr Amax. Ive got good accurate load data for 40gr vmax as well as 55gr SBK's both of these are reliable sub 1/2" loads and Ive often shot much smaller groups. The rifle also shoots factory 55gr Vmax as good as any hand loads as you can see from the groups!

    The standard trigger has been reworked and a Baldie spring has been fitted fitted to give a crisp clean break at 1.5lbs. The Boyds laminate 'pepper' featherweight thumbhole stock was new in August/September time, the picture makes it look blue bit its much more grey/back. The stock has an adjustable butt pad and the additional cheek piece can be removed easily. When the rifle was re-barreled the action was also re-blued to match with only a very small blemish of less than 3mm on the action and some feint moderator rings on the barrel.

    Im only selling now as Ive changed caliber, if I wanted to stay .223 I would not sell this gun, my shooting buddy thinks Im crazy for parting with it as he has seen how well it shoots but truth is it will just end up in the cabinet and I have other projects in mind.

    Overall the rifle is in great condition and Im looking for 750 for the rifle, there is a Wildcat Evo moderator which has fired less than 200 rounds if you wanted it at a fair price and I also have either Optilocks or TET rings for it that could be purchased separately.

    Rifle is also offered for sale elsewhere.

    This is Hornady 55gr vmax factory ammo!

    55gr Sierra Blitzkings

    40gr vmax
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    Barrel is a 20" sporter profile, match crown threaded 1/2"-20.

    The action is not bedded, since it shot so well I couldn't bring myself to alter things when I got the new stock. The re-barrel was done by Dave Folwell at Bowtec, he has built my new rifle which shoots 1/4" and he has built a few rifles for Si-Snipe and also Sir-Slots-Alot, he knows what he's doing.

    This is a good honest rifle, as I said its only for sale as it should be getting used and Im now moving away from .223

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    I would also be willing to consider a swap on this rifle with cash either way for another rifle or some quality glass.

    Im looking for a nice rifle in either .17 Remington or .20 cal, something like a .20 TAC or .20 Practical, the glass needs to have turrets and suitable for LR varminting.

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    Think I'm going to ask Santa for my variation to be in his sack when he drops down my chimney on Wednesday night
    Next time you're walking down the street and see a homeless person go buy them a sandwich and a coffee, change of fate and it could be you one day !!!

    BUY BRITISH !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy milnes View Post
    Think I'm going to ask Santa for my variation to be in his sack when he drops down my chimney on Wednesday night
    Sorry Jimmy this one has gone now.

    Sold pending funds.

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