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Thread: Swarovski Z6 illuminated with SR. rail

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    Swarovski Z6 illuminated with SR. rail

    Has anyone got one of these swaros with the SR rail for sale just thinking of giving one a try on the M03

    please let me know

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    Have a look at MacLeods of Tain, they have a few z6 with sr. Worth a look. I have dealt with them on numerous occasion and they would be my first port of call to see if they have what I am after.

    good luck.

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    Thank you Tam I've never given them a thaught but looking at there stock im confident they have what I want

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    I may part with a 3-18 x50

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    Thanks for the replys purchased a new z6i 3x18x50 BT SR from macleads looking forward to trying rail mount

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    Good luck with your new scope, glad you were able to find one to suit. merry Christmas.

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    Bump back to top

    I'm after another Swarovski rail mount scope preferably illuminated but must be 4-4a ret

    what you all got hiding away someone must have one they might sell

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    2p worth ,
    i have swaro's and now zeiss v8 might be worth looking at one tad crisper to my eyes #60 ret is better than my z6i

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