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Thread: R t a ?

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    R t a ?

    Having recently been asked to dispatch an injured fallow and roe doe both with leg injuries imagine my amaizement when a third deer staggered out from the same wood making it three injured deer in six weeks.

    What is surprising is that the nearest main road is about a mile away and although i know deer travel some distance during the night it is rare to see a deer near the road due to a lack of cover and poor feeding compaired to the lush pasture nearer the woods.

    The stalker with me at the time wondered if it was a poorly placed bullet that had caused the injury and it got me wondering

    R T A or something more sinister ?

    The leg was just atatched by a small piece of skin and i could clearly see were the deer had been biteing at it in an attempt to remove it.

    I have stalked this particular ground for seven years and i have never seen an injured deer before and i have know shot three in six weeks.

    This was the fallow

    I havent any pictures of the other roe as i had left the camera at home in my other jacket.

    There has been some poaching in the area recently and last year we had to phone the police on five seperate occasions twice for my own ground and three times for intruders on my neighbours hence my suspition and just wondered what you guys thought.
    R T A or not ?

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    A,up mate..

    I recon after stalking the ground for seven years without incident and then three in six weeks your concerns are justified..


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Looks more likely to be a fence in this case John. Get quite a lot of sika with this type of injury on my bit of ground. They very often get over it and it doesnt seem to slow them down one bit!

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    It amazes me how tough these beasties are. Imagine getting stuck in a fence, loosing a limb, hobbling around abit but just getting on with it like they do

    Humbled by a deer
    And had a beer

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC275 View Post
    Fox wire or stock fence? JC
    Unlikely to be a fox wire, as they should have crimps on them that are designed to stop them fully tightening on non-targetd species. More likely to be poachers setting illegal snares or someone has recently put up some badly strained stock fencing.

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    A combination of bad weather and a slack topwire on a fence. Have you had a lot of snow? Leg goes between the top wire and the next. twists and traps the leg. The record fallow head shot in Scotland about 40 years ago was actually put down by my dad trapped in that way. Too much damage to the leg to release it,

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    Certainy looks like they've been hung up in stock fence.

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    I have come across similar injuries over the years and on a few occassions found the poor animal still trapped in the fence.
    As desribed in an earlier post, it is normally the top single strand and the main body of the fence they catch their leg under and it twists round the leg and, if it doesn't break off, leaves the poor animal hanging there with the choice of starving to death or chewing their leg off to get away.

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    The reason I mentioned the weather was that deer like anything else gets complacent when it hops over the usual fence, Snow could alter the flight angle. This would account for so much in such a short space of time. Jim

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