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    Kimber Rifles

    Has anyone got one of these rifles? They had them on the Riflecraft stand at the Newark show and they did look well made. I was surprised when I handled the rifle though, it weighed just over 5lb which was extremely light so I am not sure how it would perform with the larger calibres.

    I am looking for something in 7-08 but I am not sure wether to get a 2nd hand Sako 75 and have it rebarrelled shorter and maybe Ackley improved.


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    Seriously considered one myself. Fox firearms are the folks to chat with.

    Unfortunately after researching further and discussing possible problems with US owners i decided to stear clear. I really liked the idea of a light forest stalking rifle but the quality control seems to be erratic - the odd lemon gets through which gets bounced between the owner, dealer and factory for extended times before eventually being re-barrelled or replaced.

    Tempted but couldn't take the chance with the manufacturer being over in the US, limited dealers in the UK and scarce parts.


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    My advice is don't go with the AI. It is great for a varmint cal but you want nice controlled expansion on a deer rifle. I have a 7-08 with a lothar walther barrel in 19.5 inch. She is pushing a 140gr nosler bt at 2780 fps and drops fallow like lead balloons out to the 300 yds I will go out to on deer.



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    I understand the Forrest lodge is about to carry these so the dealer base is expanding.

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    There's a Sako 75 finnlite in 7mm-08 on guntrader.

    Personally I'd opt for that.


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