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Thread: How do?

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    How do?

    I see a few familiar names on here. I mainly hang out on Pigeon Watch.

    I am not sure what to put in the introduction so...

    I am Mungler. I like the smell of rain on a sunny day. I enjoy long walks and hope for world peace. My favorite calibre is .25-06 and a photo of Margaret Beckett will make me cry.

    I am actually here to have a sniff round the sales section, but I can pretend it's something else that drove me here like a really well crafted article on an obscure calibre by some fella on here with a beard and a home made leather waistcoat.

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    welcome fellow pigeon watcher

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    Is that what the call an oximoron, you mention obscure calibres and .25-06 in the same article as they were different,
    Welcome onboard,

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    Welcome aboard 'Mungler' will Stu be following you
    There's loads of good info on here, mainly about Stalking and Firearms, as opposed to shotguns but there is always someone who knows something about more or less whatever you ask.
    Any stories of your Boar trips would be interesting to some of the other board readers so fill your boots.
    If Stu comes over as well, some of his fishing trips would be of interest too.
    Enjoy your visits, all the best.
    Eddy McC

    PS May see you in croatia some time

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    Greetings one and all

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    Hi Mungler,

    Im an Essex based "Pigeon Watch" man as well. However, most of labour make me cry not just Marget Beckett.


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