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Thread: L200 Steering box 2001 model

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    L200 Steering box 2001 model

    Anyone have/know of where I can get a hold of a refurbed steering box for an L200 4life 2001 model?


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    I've just has a refurbed one fitted to my 2010 L200 and I think my garage got it from Hereward Spares, who are in Peterborough. If you don't have any luck closer to home, then sent me a PM and I'll get the contact details for you.
    I tried having a new set of seals fitted before going for the refurbed unit, but that didn't work.
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    I ordered one from a firm in Bristol 3 year warranty 120 delivered and they pick up the old one. Got it off the internet. Type in parts and its a bit like compare the market ,com they give you the cheapest quotes on what you want. They delivered next day will see if I can find the receipt and pm you.

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    Cheers folks! I'll give em a try.

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