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Thread: Deer Scope

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    Deer Scope

    Going for my first Deer Rifle in the New Year i've decided on the Calibre and the Rifle but not the Scope, Decided it will be fixed mag and narrowed the choice down to Four - Schmidt/Swaro 6x42, 8x50, 8x56 or 10x42 i already have a 6x42 and like it a lot question is do i buy another the same or go for one of the other three ? It will mainly be used at Dawn/Dusk for Roe and Fallow in wooded areas, Im leaning towards a 8x56 but thought i would throw the question out there as i have no real knowledge of how the other three would perform for my needs.

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    I wouldn't go higher than 6 mag for woodland. I have two S&B 6x40 and love then.

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    Recon when you go for your second deer rifle it'll be with a variable scope. Might as well consider it now....
    In some cases 6 or 8 mag is way too much, in other cases 6 mag might be too little. A variable around 3-12 or 2.5-10 will be more flexible.

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    You can't go wrong with 6x42, get a variable if you like, but odds are you leave it set on 6x anyway.

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    Schmidt 8x56 Classix - superb fixed mag scope with low light ability (A7 reticule is great too as it's basically a free range finder - ass to chest a Roe will fit between the fatter crosshair bars).

    I think they're on at a good price too at the moment - although I've got swarovski on my rifle I bought a Classix on Friday for a new rifle project in January - regardless it's a good investment imho

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    6x42 on two rifles, never had a deer complain, I have 4x32 on another which works well also

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    I would go 3-10. You may leave it on 6x most of the time,but if you need a little more,or less,youll have it.

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    My first scope was a fixed 6x, on a .22. I still have it an the rifle. I have shot 6x my entire life, and have a 6x40 Swift on a .30-06 now ( see Old Faithful ), and four 6x42s.

    But if you are hunting in dark woods, where shots are close, I would go with a 4x Swift or Weaver. In a variable, I would look at a 1.5-6x42, and really consider one with an illuminated dot with brightness settings. You don't need top German glass here. Leupold VX/R, or Bushnell Elite will do it. Both offer German #4 and duplex reticles.

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    I've used all manner of scopes but have just zeroed in a swarovski 6x42 and I'm bowled over by it.
    For woodland stalking it just seems so right, I'm a convert !!!

    So much so I've swapped my zeiss variable onto my .308 and will now be using the 6x42 on my daily shooter.

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    56mm is too big for me on a stalking rifle and I prefer 50mm or less. I have used a fixed 6x42 with satisfaction but would be tempted by a swarovski 8x50. To be honest I would suggest a 3-12 x50 as the most flexible stalking scope for most people.

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