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    Go pro

    Wanted go pro 3+ or 4 must be in new condition and reasanably priced trying on here before i buy new in the sales. Also night force 8x32x56 with zero stop any one have any of these items they would like to part with.??? All the best for xmas know its early but might not get another chance for a few days.

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    1000's on ebay that budding extreme sportsman have never taken out of the box!
    IMO paying extra for the latest camera is possibly a waste of money when the v2/3 cameras have the bulk of the features and hardware you need

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    Cheers bewsher500 will check out the bay

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    I have a friend that has a 3+ black with an extra battery and SD etc for sale. It's hardly ever been used apart from one trip to Argentina to shoot doves. He wants 250 for the lot. This is the model with the wifi remote. PM me if you are interested.

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