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Thread: Tuned RCBS 505 Scales

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    Tuned RCBS 505 Scales

    As title, tuned by 1066 on here, base weighted with Plaster of Paris. Needle pointer added. Machined adjustment foot. Camera Bracket added (Camera not included, can be bought for a fiver on the bay) Anvils Trued. Very sensitive and repeatable. Practically as new, with Box.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    100 Posted RMSD - No offers thanks as will keep as a spare for any less, Payment by Bank Transfer.
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    I don't reload, so not looking to buy, but I look at the reloading stuff to learn as I plan to reload eventually. What's the reason for a camera bracket? I could only guess at a webcam for remotely viewing but if you're sitting there weighing stuff out, that didn't seem right. Could you let me know what it would be used for please.

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    The camera is used to put a large and very easily viewed image of the scale on you PC/Lappy screen. Accurate weighing will be helped by viewing the balance pointer on the balance line at the same level everytime, having the camera in a fixed position not only ensures this, but also saves having to get your head down to the level of the scale for every measure. Once you do it this way I doubt if you will go back, I wont that's for sure. This coupled with a Targetmaster and its as good and reliable as it gets imo.

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    Thanks very much for that, I shall consider that when I eventually get to reloading.


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    Does it really matter what angle you look at the pointer from so long as its the same every time?

    Nice scales, good luck with the sale.

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    These are just what I've been waiting for and wanting for some time now but a teeny tiny bit more than I can justify. Pity you're not open to offers. Good luck with the sale. I'm sure you won't struggle to shift them. If you do however fancy parting with them for say 85, they will be cherished here.

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    Yes Please, PM inbound.
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    Sold to Tiff, Pending the Usual, Thanks

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    Scales arrived today and appear great - looking forward to properly using them when I get a chance.

    Many thanks,


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    Cool, thanks for letting me know and thanks for a smooth deal.

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